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Update 1: Turning our interactive website, to mostly a blog-based collection with all of our curated content! Feel free to explore our Blog and please let us know of your feedback.

Update 2: Applications to join Team B.F.F Gamers Association are temporarily closed for the time-being.

Welcome to Team B.F.F Gamers’ Blog!

Here on Team B.F.F Gamers, we have a passion of archiving the best gaming moments. They are usually played by passionate gamers, and additionally members who supports our team, usually special guests we invite. All content created here is completely AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL by the players who have played their online games. We also have behind-the-scenes action occasionally. This website is secured. We hope you enjoy our content!

The Three Main Team Members: Mr B.F.F, Macaroni Mii and Christy.

Our Team in 3 Statements:

Playing games is fun while the team is at it.

We play a variety of games, including Online Games especially those from our hearts and ones that are near it’s original lifecycle such as Wii Sports Club and Nintendo Switch Sports. We keep the hype going along well as possible. These games help us build the Original Content we archive to our Media Channels and in this website.

The Members is what makes the team build upon our community.

We enjoy having new players and rookies join us for some fun. We believe everyone is welcome regardless of game statistics and how well you do, whether you are casual or competitive. They will be a great addition in the Online Games we play. Overall, mostly playing with friends is purely having fun at the end.

We focus on creating Content that we love to share with our audience.

We have platforms where we share our Gaming Content. These videos will be the archives to every games (such as the best ones) we upload to YouTube and such. Yes, the videos are recorded by the original team members. Our website also builds the content in article-length posts for you to read and enjoy.

(To see what games are compatible with the team – check out this short list.)

What you can find on this website!

Online Highlights of some the Best Games!

We often post Gaming Highlights to the best Online Games played on such as Wii Sports Club and Switch Sports! Since these games will last and that they are enjoyable, they will always be unique as we highlight them. You will find different outcomes and scores at some point!

Games that we review ever so often…

Our Team looks into more games that we play or find interesting and summarize them into a review or a Highlight post just like the other games. These games may have been considered for long-time play for the Team on the Members Page but there will be room for more. For now, we will review these games when we blog them.

Variety of Extras and Specials from the Team.

The Team also creates content from events that happen within our content! We have special guests, great news or other moments that might have happened. These stories are also original and unique to the Team Members of this website. Feel free to check out all of our articles to see what happens with our Team Members.

What can YOU do to support or contribute?

Engage – Interact with us!

We are open as long as we are free! You can come hang out with us on our Discord Server to talk to us, make arrangements with one of our specific team members and even play games with us if time persists through the day.

Also, you may comment on our posts to give your insights. We’ll be looking at the feedback we receive. Your contributions helps the Team grow. We also have a Satisfaction Website where you can share feedback too.

Visit our Communities and Media Channels for more fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

You are free to check out our communities at anytime, no matter where you are. We got links to those so you can check us out and catch up with us.

Our Website will give you the latest updates from our Online Games we play – specifically those that have been nominated as the best of the best or the GOAT games ever played. Check back once a while.

Become a Member of Team B.F.F Gamers.

I would like to mention this usually as a last resort, but however due to the downfall of TeamGamerLand, we have built upon building members for the Team who are devoted just like we have!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime if you would like to become a member. You will receive special perks as a treat for participating. We have built a great amount of Team Members and we still want more! Do join us and show some excitement!


A Special Flashback Game. Another Win for Mr B.F.F against three players on Wii Sports Club – 10 Pin Bowling Online.


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